Services & Fees

Areas of counselling I deal with:

Couples Counselling

Otherwise known as marital therapy or marriage guidance, couples counselling tackles problems arising in very close relationships. The closest relationships are based on intimacy and trust which, when lost, can affect our health and happiness. I provide expert advice and therapy in a comfortable and private purpose-built counselling room to help couples overcome their difficulties in any marriage or partnership.

Depression Counselling

At some point in their life, one in three people will be affected by depression. Sufferers may experience negative feelings such as hopelessness, feelings of guilt and a loss of confidence, which can have a serious impact on relationships with friends, family and work colleagues, as well as everyday life. Depression Counselling therapy can help you cope with the situation.

Abuse Counselling

Do you feel as if you’re in an abusive relationship? Domestic violence and abuse, also known as spousal abuse, can happen to anyone, yet the issue is often denied, excused or overlooked, more so in psychological cases. I offer face-to-face abuse counselling in a safe environment where you are free to talk without fear of being judged or condemned, so that victims can overcome the trauma, recover and rebuild their life.

Addiction Counselling

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, smoking, sexual or use of the internet, addictions allow people to temporarily escape from the challenges life throws at it. However, the long term effects can lead to problems at home, work and school. I can provide addiction counselling to those who seek help dealing with their addiction.

Postnatal Depression Counselling

While giving birth is often classed as one of life’s greatest moments, it can also lead to exhaustion, shock and stress. One in three mothers are affected by Postnatal Depression, which also carries the symptoms of becoming emotionally withdrawn and being overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, worthlessness and despair. Postnatal Depression Counselling is just one of the services I specialise in.

I provide professional counselling and psychotherapy services to clients from my clinic at Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

Session fees

Initial assessment: £25
Single client subsequent sessions: £45 – one hour
Couples subsequent sessions: £55 – one hour

N.B Special rates apply to work for insurance companies.

Concessions may be available for those in receipt of benefits or unemployed.

I can also, where appropriate, offer telephone counselling at a rate of £25 per 30 minute session (payable in advance)